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The Fashion Show: Finale (Part 1) Recap

Posted on 07/16/2009 by Gina in The Fashion Show

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The Fashion Show


by Gina Scarpa


It’s hard to believe it but it’s already time for the finale on The Fashion Show.  Bravo will be splitting it into two episodes and the first airs tonight.  Daniella, Reco, Laura, and James-Paul remain in the competition and it seems it’s anyone’s game.  The designers are given 10 weeks off to work on a collection to show in a final fashion show.  America will be deciding the winner but of course, there’s always a catch.  Isaac shows up to drop a bomb: one designer will be going home immediately after the fashion show.  The judges will decide who’s out and they won’t have the opportunity to be voted for.  How pissed would you be if you were the one to go? 

Reco runs into a major problem during his fitting.  His best design doesn’t fit a ONE of his models.  I mean, who did he think was wearing this?  The girls of 90210?  Speaking of, they need to eat a cheeseburger.  It is definitely surprising that Reco has more work to do but nobody sews faster than him.  If anyone can work it out, it’s him.

At long last, it’s time for the final fashion show.  As I watch, I can’t help but die a little inside since I was invited to come see this in New York but couldn’t attend because I left for vacation that day.  How could I have missed out on being within 25 feet of Isaac Mizrahi?  Tears…

Daniella is up first and whether you like her or not, you have to give it up to her.  She made every single piece in the collection and even came up with song that was used for her show.  Reco goes next and the minute his first design hits the runway, I’m a little bit in love.  I could do without the attitude but he has been consistently my favorite designer this season.  Anna is the third to present her work.  She said it herself in the beginning.  She has been a dark horse throughout the competition but certainly, no one should ever underestimate her.  Her collection is beautiful.  I want to own the entire thing!  James-Paul is the last to go and though his clothes are made well, the color scheme is black and gray which isn’t visually stimulating.  I can’t help but worry about him a little.

In panel, Anna is given a big compliment when Isaac tells her several audience members said they would wear her designs.  However, her good mood quickly diminished when some judges felt they wanted more from her.   Daniella is told that her designs are very smart but she needs to beware of being sizist and just focusing on thin models.  The judges are hard on Reco, feeling that his designs don’t look totally finished but Kelly liked that he was inventive.   Though they like James-Paul’s work, they’d like to see him simplify his designs and think he could be a bit too specific.

The three designers moving on are: Daniella, James-Paul, and Anna. 

WHAT?!!!  Reco is eliminated.  I’m horrified.

Be sure to tune in to the finale of The Fashion Show, next Thursday night at 10pm ET on Bravo.

(Image courtesy of Bravo)


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