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Interview with Maureen of Fox Reality’s Solitary 3.0

Posted on 01/31/2009 by RealityWanted in Solitary and Cast Interviews

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Q. Mark, RealityWanted.com: Thanks for taking the time to chat with me today. I talked with RobRob right before episode one of Solitary 3.0 and was amazed at what goes on in those pods. How did you hear about the show?

A. Maureen, Solitary 3.0: I actually saw a posting about it on RealityWanted.com.

Q. Mark, RealityWanted.com: Very cool, I love hearing about all the success stories.

A. Maureen, Solitary 3.0: I have used a ton of sites and yours was the easiest to use and of course you can see the result.

Q. Mark, RealityWanted.com: Thanks for the plug, let’s hear about some cool stuff you did on Solitary. Why did you apply to this vs. other shows?

A. Maureen, Solitary 3.0: I have applied to other reality shows but I liked how Solitary takes you out of your comfort zone. It’s the only show that the individual cast members control, there are no alliances and others cannot plot to kick you off.

Q. Mark, RealityWanted.com: Did you watch Solitary season one or season two?

A. Maureen, Solitary 3.0: I watched them both, I compare it to an accident that you can’t turn away from.

Q. Mark, RealityWanted.com: Did you have a favorite cast member from a past season?

A. Maureen, Solitary 3.0: I liked Phu Pham, he knew how to play the game and had great timing.

Q. Mark, RealityWanted.com: I see that kid at all the reality events, I think he just did “Hole In The Wall” on Fox.

A. Maureen, Solitary 3.0: He was entertaining to watch and I assumed if he could do it I could do it since we are both about the same size.

Q. Mark, RealityWanted.com: Did the cameras play a role at all?

A. Maureen, Solitary 3.0: No, we never saw the cameras since they were hidden behind the mirrors.

Q. Mark, RealityWanted.com: What was one of the hardest challenges?

A. Maureen, Solitary 3.0: The clothes pins hurt so bad. As I think about it, I can still feel the pain.

Q. Mark, RealityWanted.com: Do you stay in touch with any of the cast?

A. Maureen, Solitary 3.0: I chat with RobRob, we email one another often and I want to throw a shout out to him. I also talked to Jen on Facebook.

Q. Mark, RealityWanted.com: We had a nice chat with RobRob last week, he also started casting by reading the posting on RealityWanted.com What about other reality shows?

A. Maureen, Solitary 3.0: I got hooked on reality TV back in 1999/2000, but I was a reporter at the time so I wasn’t allowed to apply to certain shows. I did make it to the finals for Big Brother and the game show Duel.

Q. Mark, RealityWanted.com: We will need to bring you back to talk about casting since you have been to a few finals and made it on a show.

A. Maureen, Solitary 3.0: I would love to.

Q. Mark, RealityWanted.com: Before we let you go can you give us a teaser?

A. Maureen, Solitary 3.0: Well you saw us all go through pain and endurance, now you will see us being smelly. You can’t imagine what we smelled like, it brings back bad memories. I also want to thank Frank and Leyna in casting. I am actually going to name my first born Frankie Leyna.

Mark, RealityWanted.com: Now that’s very cool. We love both of those guys and readers can find interviews we did with casting directors Frank and Leyna on RealityWanted.com

Watch Maureen Saturday Nights on the FoxReality Channel

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