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Exclusive Interview with MTV’s Ikki Twins from A Double Shot at Love

Posted on 01/29/2009 by RealityWanted in A Shot At Love and Cast Interviews

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Ikki Twins from A Double Shot at Love on MTV


We had the opportunity to catch up with Rikki and Vikki from "A Double Shot at Love" and hear their thoughts on the final two contestants Rebekah and Trevor. 

Q. RealityWanted.com: So tell us about the final two candidates, did you know they were going to make it to the end?

A. Rikki, A Double Shot At Love: Rebekah gives me butterflies when she touches me. I love her family they are great. Trevor I don’t see it cause of his family, but he is drama free.

A. Vikki, A Double Shot At Love: Rebekah is so hot, I think the temperature rises just being around her. Trevor is an adorable skater dude.

Q. RealityWanted.com: So what should we expect in the upcoming final episode?

A. Rikki, Vikki, A Double Shot At Love: It is action packed and full of drama. There is some crazy stuff that happens and it has a great ending. There’s heartbreak in the end!

Q. RealityWanted.com:  So what are you looking for in the end? Love?

A. Rikki, A Double Shot At Love: I just want a real relationship. A great bond with my sister and for all of us to hang out and conquer the world.

Q. RealityWanted.com: What does your family think of the show?

A. Rikki, Vikki, A Double Shot At Love: Our family is very supportive but didn’t think the last two contestants were for us.

Q. RealityWanted.com: What about on the dates, is it hard to know someone is also kissing your sister?

A. Rikki, Vikki: A Double Shot At Love: In the beginning it was fun and it didn’t bother us, but once you get emotionally invested into the person it becomes hard to think about them with your sister.

Q. RealityWanted.com: So what happened with Scott?

A. Rikki, A Double Shot At Love: Scotty got eliminated because he showed up to the date drained and out of it. He went out the night before and didn’t seem to have any energy for our date. I feel he chose partying over an amazing night with me, it was super disappointing and the comment he said about staying in the competition made me rethink why he was there.

Q. RealityWanted.com: Are there any cast members you don’t care to stay in touch with?

A. Rikki, Vikki, A Double Shot At Love: We will never talk to Josh or Angela. Josh is just aghh… He’s not a real person. And Angela is just fake.

Q. RealityWanted.com: What is your Myspace URL for fans to contact you?

 A. Rikki, Vikki, A Double Shot At Love: http://www.myspace.com/theikkitwins


(Photo courtesy of MTV)


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