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Finale Line-Up Announced On Last Comic Standing

Posted on 07/31/2008 by RealityWanted in Last Comic Standing

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By: Mary Cavaliere

Tonight was the final performance show for this season’s Last Comic Standing.  Eight comics competed last week and performed this week, but only five of these are moving on to the final show next week.

I’m not sure who The Dan Band is but their LCS theme song was funny.  Each comic came out and told us why they would be the Last Comic Standing.  They were all pretty funny but Ron G and Eliza Shlesinger came off as a little too arrogant as usual.

I have to say how much I didn’t enjoy Fearne Cotton as a host on tonight’s show.  She looked totally uncomfortable in that dress and heels and she just doesn’t live up to So You Think You Can Dance’s Cat Deeley.  Now there’s a host we enjoy watching as much as the performances.

Bill Bellamy performed a short set which was enjoyable.  NBC also used air time to promote a new reality show called America’s Toughest Jobs.  I definitely won’t be tuning into that one.

Here’s my take on all eight performances tonight, although the voting for the final five was as a result of last week’s show:

Marcus – There is no end to this man’s talent.  This week he did singing impressions that rocked the house.  I thought from a comedy standpoint it was his funniest set yet.  He got a standing ovation which was no big surprise.  Honestly, I don’t see how this guy can’t win.

Ron G – He made me smile but he didn’t make me laugh out loud and at this point, that’s important.  I don’t think it was a standing O performance but it was obvious after watching all the comics that the audience was either drunk or just very kind and supportive. I’d like to think it was the latter. I will admit I was surprised Ron was eliminated.  I thought there were other comics that should have been eliminated from the final five that weren’t.  Would he win the competition?  Probably not.  But I felt he deserved to be in the finale.

Jim Tavare – His voice grinds on me after a long set like this one.   I didn’t think he was funny at all.  I didn’t even watch the entire set.  He lost me from the get-go.  It’s a good thing the voting was based on last week.  If it was based on this week Ron G would have probably made it through and he would not.

Louis Ramey – His Amish and redneck jokes were absolutely hilarious.  I thought this was one of his best sets yet.  This was another well-deserved standing O.   It was no surprise to me that he made it through to the finale.

Adam Hunter – He wasn’t very funny but I always laugh at a good Bush or McCain joke!!!  I’ll also give him kudos for publicly supporting Obama.  But the set was too random for me.  One minute he’s talking about pot and then he’s on to politics and then he’s back to pot again.  He needs to tighten up his act a bit to win a competition like this. So I wasn’t surprised he was eliminated.

Jeff Dye – He is so freaking funny.  He is definitely giving Marcus a run for his money.  I can see how he could some out the winner as well.  He’s brilliant and can make any topic funny.  I was giving him a standing O all by myself at home!

Sean Cullen – He’s right about Sean Connery being the best James Bond ever, but this was definitely one of Sean Cullen’s worst sets and my heart went out to him.  There was way too much silence in the audience.  Although his impressions were good, he pales in comparison to someone like Marcus so I thought he made a bad choice trying to do that kind of material under these circumstances.   It was definitely not a standing O performance.

Eliza Shlesinger – I’m sorry but I just don’t get her humor or her popularity.  I thought it was a very flat set.  At the end when they were announcing who would make it through to the finale, her or Sean, she looked quite nervous for someone who’s normally so confident and cocky. Then, on national television, to say the “F” word (we couldn’t hear it but we certainly could see it) was totally classless.

Congratulations to the five finalists:  MARCUS, LOUIS RAMEY, ELIZA SHLESINGER, JIM TAVARE and JEFF DYE.  

I think the winner is a no brainer and if it isn’t Marcus or Jeff Dye then I’m not sure if I’ll be tuning into Last Comic Standing next season!

You can read more of Mary’s television blogs at www.myspace.com/italiangirl57


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