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A Shot at Love 2, One Shot Too Many - You want the truth? She’s a b!$@h!

Posted on 07/09/2008 by RealityWanted in A Shot At Love

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By Jackie Helm

This FINAL Shot at Love 2 episode was intense!  It actually seemed like it could have been real.   Last week, Tila chose Kristy to be her love muffin rather than obsessed boy Bo.  Bo was devastated to be rejected; and so was Tila when Kristy told her that she didn’t want to be her girl.  This week, Ryan Stout hosted the overly dramatic reunion of Tila, Kristy and Bo. 

First up, Ryan chats alone with Bo.  (Cue violin)  Bo gushes about how much he loves Tila and how crushed he was to get eliminated.  On the top of that when Bo got back to Ohio his career as a High School Basketball Coach was over.  The School Board made the decision to fire his ass for being on the show.  Bo compared being rejected by Tila to getting an unexpected head butt in the face.

Pun intended heh-heh.

But after getting punked, dumped and canned Bo still loooooves Tila.  His wittle mommy sat in the audience crying.  She says that although she can’t change Tila’s mind she is proud of how Bo is maturing and getting over it (rejection).   His saga continues as he said that his pain was intensified when Kristy chose not to be with Tila despite being the chosen one.  Bo supports Kristy’s decision but he was sad to see how it hurt Tila.  He wishes his tattoo of a shot glass on his back were not so gaudy and specific, but does not necessarily regret getting it.

Next, Kristy bounces on stage and stated that she had strong physical feelings for Tila early on.  In the middle Kristy felt that she and Tila really clicked.  In the end, Kristy loved Tila but decided that she didn’t want to be with her for real, for real.  Although Kristy is bisexual, she said that she would love to be with a woman, BUT the right woman.  Kristy does not regret her tattoo of a star by her ear.  Her mother, father and brother got one too once she returned home.

My favorite pic of Kristy

Next, Bo joins Kristy on stage and they reminisce of their journey together; heart to heart moments and sappy smiles are shared. 

And now…what we have all been waiting for….TILA!  Bo just wants to know, “why, why, why”.  Tila said that she liked Bo but she needed more fire.  She said that things like Bo getting socked in the jaw brought her closer to him; therefore, she acted out of sympathy and not true feelings.  Tila told Bo she felt the need to make sure he was “okay”.  She reminded him of the day on the beach where he threw a cry baby fit because he couldn’t jet-ski with the rest of the bunch.  In short, Tila wanted a man and not a boy that she has to baby-sit.  Bo really tried to rebuttal but really only looked like a butthead.

Kristy takes Bo’s solo spot and Tila soon joins.  Kristy seems content but Tila is PIZZED.  Tila attacks and Kristy tries to make amends.  Kristy stated that she took the key each week because she did in fact like Tila.  She needed each week to get to know Tila better.  She grew to love Tila, but in the end felt more of a friendly bond rather than romantic bond with her.  Tila’s not hearing a thing that Kristy says and wind up calling her a fake bitch that just wants to be on TV.


Kristy can’t believe her ears.  She tries to compare Tila not feeling other houseguests and having to “reject” them – to the way that she had to “reject” Tila.  Kristy feels that she kept it real by not accepting the key when she realized that she didn’t want to be with Tila.  Tila continues to be irate and eventually leaves the stage, crying and knocking over a clothes rack backstage.  Kristy drops the nice girl act and says, “What goes around comes around – You want to know the truth?  She’s a bitch!”

WOW and that’s a wrap!  Thanks for following the show and this column.  Check back soon as I will bring you the weekly synopsis of “G’s to Gents” starting July 15th on MTV.

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