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A Shot at Love 2 with Tila Tequila, FINALE – No to Bo AND Tila!

Posted on 07/02/2008 by RealityWanted in A Shot At Love

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A Shot At Love 2

By Jackie Helm

The hour could not pass fast enough.  Bo and Kristy wake up unsettled due to it being their last day in the house.  Tila gives the two their final challenge.  The goal is to retrieve a heart from the middle of a huge block of ice.  To melt the ice, they must use their body heat AND a big surprise - two friends from home!  Kristy’s gal pals and Bo’s homies join the two to assist in the race.  Tila suggests bare bodies to which only Bo and Kristy comply as they rub their asses all over the huge cube.  Naturally, Kristy was smoking hot and Bo was not.  Tila finally gave the team’s margarita making ingredients to help the melting process.  The salt, tequila and shakers assisted Bo and crew in winning the challenge. 

For winning, the boys join Tila in a “stripper, club room”.  It’s obvious that Bo thinks he’s so cool in front of his friends.  But Kristy wasn’t having it and she busted in the room with her girls and joined the party anyway.

Tila has one last date with the remaining contestants.  She sets up a Sports Bar for Bo which he is goofily enthralled by.  They have a typical heart to heart where Bo obsesses over Tila as she repeats “awwww”.  Bo reveals that he is still wearing his dirty fonky hospital band from the day he got whooped by Chad.  Bo says that he’ll give it to Tila when she gives him his final key.  Derrrrrrrr.

Kristy and Tila’s last date consists of a romantic dinner by the fire place.  Kristy gets deep, saying that she is worried about her lack of experience with women (relationship wise “only”) and scared that she will hurt Tila.  Tila empathizes with Kristy and kicks knowledge about each relationship being new experiences to grow in.  They end their date with our final soft porn scene of the season – sensual kissing and soft caresses in the pool by moonlight.  Cut – scene.

The last day presents a message in a bottle that introduces a day of pampering for Bo and Kristy.  Ho hum clips ensue of the two getting ready for the finale while daydreaming of their personal journeys with Miss Tequila.  Tila stands sexily on a balcony doing the same.

Night falls and the final key to Tila’s heart is swaying in the wind.  K’ and B’ ride in separate limos.  Bo is chillin' because he feels he’s got this pussy cat in the bag.  Kristy is freakin' because she feels that she is just a bi-sexual-for-fun and not wanting a real lesbian relationship.

Thousands of dollars that could feed hungry children are used to decorate the back yard for the “Shot at Love 2” finale.  Bo struts down the long carpet and approached T.T. who’s lookin' quite fire I must say.  As expected, Tila fills Bo’s head with cute clichés and bullish - then tells him that he is not the one.  Bo is completely flabbergasted and in disbelief.  He even admits that he did not prepare him self to be rejected but says that, “she always has her Bo Bear”.  Uck.  Riding away in the limo Bo states that a broken jaw isn’t anything compared to a broken heart.  Doofy should have known better. 

Kristy is hot to trot down the carpet on her way to Tila.  Tila is cheesing like a kid at Christmas and gushes on how Kristy is absolutely the bomb.  Kristy then drops the bomb and says she’s not ready for this.  They both sob and Tila demands to know why Kristy waited so long before keeping it real.  Kristy says that she’s confused and can’t live up to accepting the key to Tila’s heart.  Tila runs away devastated.  She blubbers through her tears wondering what’s wrong with her and why she can’t find love.  Ya sure.

Kristy cries at first but once in the limo she has more of a “Hey I told that chic at dinner I wasn’t sure about this” attitude.  Next week the 3 meet up and Tila comes hard at Kristy calling her a fake bia biaaaaaaa!!!  Stay tuned.

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