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Brian said:

Hope your getting the deals you want on this Black Friday

Posted 11/23/2018 01:21 pm

CHUCK said:

Hi Erika, Happy Thanksgiving

Posted 11/22/2018 11:35 am

Raina said:

Same to you!

Posted 11/22/2018 10:47 am

Brian said:

Happy Thanksgiving

Posted 11/22/2018 10:40 am

Brian said:

Thanks for the VTS. Hope your doing well,

Posted 11/21/2018 12:23 pm

Jada said:

Happy holidays 😊

Posted 11/21/2018 11:30 am

Raina said:

Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted 11/21/2018 09:49 am

Suzy said:

Hi Erika, here we are, neither 1st or 2nd, cuz we don't have any castings lol. I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving. We're staying here at home. My son has to work (6th Thanksgiving in a row)! Ugh. It's tradition I run a plate down to him at work! :)

Posted 11/20/2018 02:12 pm

Giovanni said:

Stopped to say hello my friend!!hope you are doing alright!! Giovanni!!

Posted 11/17/2018 08:55 pm

Raina said:

Wow! I saw that on the news. My snow envy left immediately.

Posted 11/17/2018 04:43 pm

PattiCake said:

thank you ms E

Posted 11/17/2018 07:00 am

Brian said:

TGIF Hope your having a great Friday

Posted 11/16/2018 05:22 pm

Brian said:

Hope your doing well on this chillie Thursday

Posted 11/15/2018 05:50 pm

Raina said:

Wow,that will be nice. We are expecting rain here.

Posted 11/15/2018 09:28 am

Brian said:

Hope your having a Blessed hump day

Posted 11/14/2018 05:39 pm

Jada said:

Thank you hope your having a good week

Posted 11/14/2018 01:37 pm

Raina said:

I like spring and fall. Before the extreme hot or cold sets in!

Posted 11/14/2018 10:22 am

PattiCake said:

hey Ms. E... thanks, Hope all is well...

Posted 11/14/2018 04:33 am

Raina said:

Cloudy day here today.

Posted 11/13/2018 05:44 pm

Brian said:

one day closer to Friday, hope yours is a good one

Posted 11/13/2018 05:41 pm

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