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Giovanni said:

Hello dear friend! just checking all my realitywanted pals !Giovanni

Posted 03/30/2022 03:37 pm

CHUCK said:

Hi Erika, just thought I'd get on here to see who is left. Nice talking to you on FaceBook. Are you still on here. I've been off for more than a year. Just thought I'd check in to see who was still here.

Posted 06/17/2020 01:45 pm

Giovanni said:

My dear friend!!long long time!!!hope you are doing alright in this pandemic times.!Giovanni

Posted 06/08/2020 03:15 pm

PattiCake said:

Happy Monday 🥰

Posted 03/09/2020 04:11 pm

Jada said:

Hope your having a great day

Posted 03/07/2020 01:52 pm

PattiCake said:

Happy 2020 it’s been a while 💋

Posted 03/03/2020 10:35 pm

Raina said:

Hello! I haven't been receiving notifications. Sorry for the slow reply. It has been warm here. We are expecting rain now.

Posted 02/15/2020 09:03 pm

Bruce said:

I hope you are doing well. Been busy mining gold, crystals and diamonds.

Posted 12/05/2019 09:07 pm

Brian said:

Thanks for the vts. Hope your doing well

Posted 09/30/2019 05:26 pm

Jetta said:

I'm back, it's been awhile, not been doing acting, but would like to get back to it.

Posted 09/21/2019 06:26 am

Brian said:

TY for the vts. Hope your doing well

Posted 09/17/2019 08:25 pm

flo said:

happy monday

Posted 09/16/2019 06:56 pm

flo said:

Its almost Friday :-)

Posted 09/12/2019 07:22 pm

Sharria said:

Hope you had a good weekend.

Posted 09/08/2019 09:19 pm

flo said:

Happy Wednesday,Thanks for your votes

Posted 09/04/2019 06:36 pm

Brian said:

Happy Labor day. TY for the votes. Hope all is well

Posted 09/02/2019 06:58 pm

Brian said:

Thanks for the votes hope your doing well. GOD BLESS

Posted 08/30/2019 05:26 pm

flo said:

Thx for the votes Erika :-)

Posted 08/24/2019 12:11 pm

Brian said:

TY for the votes stay in that air conditioning

Posted 08/20/2019 06:41 pm

Brian said:

Hope your staying cool. We are getting the heat in WV

Posted 08/15/2019 07:05 pm

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