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Posted On:04/17/2009  
Closing On:05/31/2009

Casting Call Information

City: Any City

State: National



This is for a documentary that is currently in development. We are outreaching to find out what potential families are out there. This documentary will likely revolve around one family and their struggles and battles with weight, dealing with predjudices, etc. There may also be weight loss coaches/experts/trainers incorporated into it to help your family meet your weight loss goals.

I am casting families that have 4 or more overweight family members. I am interested in immediate family only (i.e. must be Mother, Father, Brothers, Sisters - grandparents okay if they live with you). Mother and Father should BOTH be overweight and at least 2 kids.

IF this fits your family then please send me ALL of the following information and photos:

Names and Ages of All family members living at home with you

Current Heights and Weights of All Family members living at home with you

city/state of residence

If you have a son/daughter that is already out of the house but is also overweight then please list them here (also include ht/wt)
*please specify if this son/daughter lives in the same city as you (if not, then where and how far is that from you)

Contact Phone Numbers of Parents

Recent photographs of the entire family (this can be a group photo OR individual photos)

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