On-Going Feud with your Neighbor? Let HGTV Help Resolve the Dispute!!! Now Casting

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Posted On:03/01/2009  
Closing On:05/01/2009
Company:High Noon Entertainment

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City: Any City

State: National

Feuding with your neighbor with no resolution in sight?!? We all know how very uncomfortable that can be and HGTV would like to offer you a possible solution – MEDIATION!!! 

Bad smells, bouncing balls and wayward toys, barking dogs, illegally parked cars, tall trees, dog and cat droppings, loud pool parties, and excessive outdoor lighting. The list can go on and on pushing neighbors against neighbors. We live in homes and apartments that can be too close for comfort on occasion. While not necessarily a matter of personality conflicts, it is usually a problem of space. In some cases, neighbors no longer have enough private space to conduct personal activities, without intruding on the quiet and peace of their neighbor. Other than a cursory nod from time to time, many neighbors are complete strangers. 

So how does the average homeowner/renter solve these kinds of problems? Mediation allows the parties to come to a mutually satisfying agreement by talking it out guided by the objectivity of a third party mediator! 

Please let our new HGTV show help you but providing a free mediator to help you and your neighbor solve your dispute. THIS IS A WIN/WIN OPPORTUNITY! 

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