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Posted On:03/10/2021  
Closing On:03/20/2021
Company:Fremantle Media

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City: Any City

State: National

Living Your Best Life? Is an exciting new television series from Fremantle for a major global network. We are looking for young adults from across the United States to take part in a unique life-changing experience that also offers you a chance to win a transformational prize. Whether you are living at home with a parent or relative, sofa surfing between friends’ homes, or are unable to cut ties with the bank of Mom and Dad, we want to hear from you!

This experience will see a lucky chosen few spend a month this summer living with other like-minded individuals. By participating in a series of activities you’ll have the opportunity to decide what your best life truly looks like, and compete to win a transformational final prize that will help you achieve it!

1) REAL-LIFE YOUNG ADULTS 18-30: who are expressive, warm, have big energy and are lovable. If you are still living at home, or with a friend, and spend most of your time relaxing, chilling, gaming, and living off the generosity of your family, and feel content, or totally frustrated and want to get out on your own but don't quite know how to do it...then please apply ASAP

2) FAMILY/RELATIVES/FRIENDS of a lovable young adult who is having too much fun at home, or who lacks confidence and motivation to get out and head happily into adulthood, then let us know so we can help them fnd their true path in life.

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