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Posted On:12/09/2020  
Closing On:12/19/2020
Company:Stage 29 Productions

Casting Call Information

City: Los Angeles

State: National

Stage 29 productions is looking for a family who may have a pressing issue that needs to be resolved. You must have a clear problem that needs a solution. Producers are looking for families of all types, with varying complicated problems that are prohibiting peace in your family’s life.

"Is one family member not speaking to another family member? Did you raise a spoiled and entitled child and now they are adults, on their own, and can’t live without your help? Do you have a meddling mother-in-law? Do your kids hate your new spouse? Do you have a teen pregnancy and don’t know what to do? Are you keeping a secret from your family and need help breaking it to them? Did you do a 23 & Me or Ancestry test and found out info on your parents? We want to hear from you today. Families will be selected soon so time is of the essence. Submit your family now.

Please email me the following:
Contact Info
Family Background
Family Photos (Include names & ages)
Main conflict/drama

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