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Posted On:11/06/2019  
Closing On:11/23/2019

Casting Call Information

City: Any City

State: National

New Show - seeking people with relationship issues and / or other family, friend conflicts.
Compensation provided.
Major film and television studio is now casting a new talk show.
We’ll help you stand in your truth and move past the setbacks.
Filming in the LA area November 21, 2019. Please submit your stories.

is your partner cheating? are you dealing with infidelity in your relationship? do you suspect your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse are stepping out and are you desperate to find out the truth? do you need help telling your current partner you have a new relationship? is your significant other accusing you of cheating when you haven’t been? are you both cheating on each other and need help making a clean break?

need a paternity test?
do you need a paternity test? is this tearing your relationship and family apart? are you uncertain of your child’s paternity? or is another man/woman raising the child you believe is yours and you need to get the proof?

extreme love triangle?
are you involved in a love triangle that’s gone off the rails? are you dealing with issues of control, jealousy, possessiveness or infidelity? do you think you’re being pushed out for a younger model or one or both of your partners are cheating on you with someone else? was the arrangement exciting in the beginning but now it’s a big drama-filled headache?

betrayed by loved one?
have you been blind-sided by a loved one? have they cheated on your boyfriend, stolen your boyfriend, sabotaged your dreams, turned friends against you, talked negatively about you behind your back, lied to you, bailed on you when you really needed them, won’t pay you back the money you lent them, judged you for something that wasn’t your fault, threw you under the bus, or accused you of something unthinkable?

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