Looking for Fun Couples, Friends, Siblings

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Posted On:08/06/2019  
Closing On:09/08/2019

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City: Any City

State: National

New nationally syndicated talk show is looking for energetic guests for a fun segment.

Did you do something that your spouse didn't notice? (get a new haircut, buy lingerie, try a new recipe, etc)

Are you always bickering about the same silly thing and want a referee? (who showers first, what to name your new puppy, what show to binge watch, etc)

Does your friend or significant other or sibling do something that drives you nuts but you've never told them? (cutting toe nails in bed, wearing baggy pants, licking the plate after a meal, etc)

If you and your significant other, friend, or sibling is willing to be a part of this fun segment, apply now!

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