National Daytime Talk Show Looking For Women

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Posted On:07/23/2019  
Closing On:11/23/2019

Casting Call Information

City: Any City

State: National

National daytime talk show hosted by world renowned life coach is looking for guests who need help.

- Struggling with a relationship in your life (marriage, friendship, sisters, mother/adult daughter, mother-in-law, daughter/son-in-law)
- Do you need help building healthy boundaries with those around you?
- Want to fix someone’s entitlement, spoiledness, selfishness, perfectionism, inability to stand up for themselves, or a trait/habit you find annoying?
- Need to give someone an ultimatum?
- Are you holding onto the past and need to let it go? Is there a fear, grudge, or anger that you want to leave in the past so you can move forward?
- Do you have a question or problem that you want our help with? Is there chaos in your life and you crave harmony?

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