Hardcore & Extreme Fitness Mothers: Are you a Mom Who is 100% DEDICATED & ADDICTED to your fitness goals and dreams?

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Posted On:05/16/2018  
Closing On:06/16/2018

Casting Call Information

City: Any City

State: National

Acclaimed, award-winning television production company in conjunction with a major, premium cable network is currently seeking female participants in a groundbreaking, documentary television series. Selected candidates are compensated for their participation.

Are you a mom putting 100% of your money, time, energy and resources into your health and fitness goals?
Are you constantly at the gym, at the track, running or training for your given sport?
Do you take your health and fitness regime to intense and what some might call extreme lengths?
Does your family and friends struggle to understand your fitness dreams and goals?
Are you a first time physique or bikini competitor preparing for your first show? Or are you a repeat competitor dedicated to your chosen sport?
Do you feel anxious or guilty if you miss out on even one work out?
Are you constantly at the gym, at the track, running or training for your given sport? Maybe multiple times in one day?
Do you ever struggle to find balance between your fitness goals and your family or social obligations?
Have your friends/family ever expressed concern that you are taking health and fitness to extreme lengths?
Have you had to sacrifice major parts of your life to achieve your dreams?

If yes, this is a chance to share your personal story, the ups and downs, the struggles and triumphs in an all-new, high-quality, true-to-life documentary television series.

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