Are you IN LOVE w/ an INMATE you've NEVER met?

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Posted On:02/01/2014  
Closing On:06/01/2014

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City: Any City

State: National

CONVICT-LOVE STORIES WANTED! Do you want a relationship with someone who is in jail or prison? Have you been writing to an inmate and want to meet him/her when they are released? Have you been writing to someone in jail or prison and have made plans to meet them for the first time? Either at the prison or when they are released? Are you currently in a relationship with someone who you met while they were in jail or prison? Were you in a relationship with someone who went to jail or prison and you still love him/her? Do you know someone in a relationship with a convict or ex-convict and you don't approve? Do you want someone to stop interfering in your relationship with a convict or ex-convict? Are you secretly dating or writing someone in jail or prison? Who doesn't know and why? Are you competing with another person/friend/family member for the affection of the same convict or ex-convict? Looking for situations like the ones above or any stories of people who are romantically involved with someone in jail or prison. Thank you.

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