Casting For Super HOT Party Couples That Live in the LA area

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Posted On:06/02/2008  
Closing On:06/20/2008
Company:Tijuana Entertainment

Casting Call Information

City: Los Angeles

State: CA

Are you Southern California's Premiere party couple?


We're looking for super HOT party couples that live in the LA area and are between the ages of 18 and 24 to be featured on a pilot for a MAJOR cable network.

For complete details, please send a picture of yourself and your boyfriend or girlfriend and a brief description of the two of you and your relationship

What attracts you to him/her?

Where did you meet?

How long have you been going out?

Is the relationship serious?

Are you exclusive?

Do you see other people?

Does she/he see other people?

Are you in love with him/her?

Is he/she in love with you?

What interests bring you together?

What interests cause drama?

Do you like his/her friends?

Does she/he like your friends?

Why should the two of you be featured on the show?

No boring hum-drum lives, please...we're looking for one couple to star in their own pilot!!!

Don't forget to include a telephone number where you can be reached!!!

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