America's ONLY Men's Health Show Now Casting!

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Posted On:07/12/2012  
Closing On:12/20/2018
Company:2 Market Media

Casting Call Information

City: Any City

State: National

America's ONLY Men's Health Show wants to talk to you!

If you're a man with any health problems, concerns, or someone who is need of relationship advice, apply now! The Doctor is in, and guess what? You don't need health insurance to get his advice!

Women, if your man needs to hear from the good doctor, but won't get on the phone -- call in for him! We want to hear about what's ailing your man, so we can get you the advice to get him fixed!

Couples are welcomed to call in also! Are you having trouble in your relationship and need help? The doctor wants to hear all about it and will save your relationship!

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