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Posted On:08/02/2007  
Closing On:09/02/2007
Company:King World

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City: Any City

State: National

Know someone who needs a home decor make-UNDER?

You've seen a million room makeovers, where a decorator takes a boring space and brings it to life. But some houses or rooms don't need a sense of style...they need LESS style! Know somebody with a room (or a whole house) that needs to be made UNDER? Do you have a family member, friend, or neighbor who you love...but whose place is over-the-top? If you never know what to say about the fake fur furniture, mirrored walls, feathered light fixtures, or metallic wallpaper, we're talking to you! Nominate somebody for a home decor make-UNDER, and we'll help you help them discover how much better their place could be!

My babysitter bugs me because...

Just when you thought you and your little guy had an unbreakable bond no one else could walks the babysitter. Your very own child runs into her arms instead of yours, and you can't help but be heartbroken. She was there the day he took his first step (and you weren't!), and the day your tyke fell down and scraped his knee, the babysitter kissed his boo boos and made it all better. It just doesn't seem fair that while you're slaving away all day making money so your favorite prince/princess can have everything s/he needs, the babysitter is with him all day long laughing out loud, playing with imaginary friends, and having a blast! You know you should be grateful, BUT sometimes you're just plain jealous. You love and appreciate the babysitter, but sometimes she just plain ticks you off for no good reason. If you have a gripe with your babysitter (even if she hasn't done anything "wrong") we'd love to hear from you.

Relationship off track?

Do you feel like your relationship isn't quite what it should be? You're fighting, or irritable, or you just don't connect the way you used to? Guess whatthe key to getting closer just might have something to do with how you behave together physically. Want to learn more about the latest research? If you're ready to try something new and different to get your romance back on track, email today and tell us how long you've been together and what you feel is missing. Then get ready...we'll try to help you get the romantic fires burning again!

Know somebody having a midlife (beauty) crisis?

Know somebody who has changed his or her look...and you suspect they're really just coping with a midlife crisis? Are you mortified because your midlife man is suddenly showing off an earring, or growing a ponytail (despite being bald), or buying $200 jeans (that not only cost a ridiculous amount of money, but are totally too young for him)? Or do you know a woman "of a certain age" who seems to have suddenly discovered cleavage and Jessica Simpson-style hair extensions? If you know someone who is (or if people say YOU have) fallen in love with an age-inappropriate look...hey, we want to see it too! Share your story, and you could either get some new, age-flattering outfits...or the validation that you don't look too bad, after all!

Single, and you can't figure out why?

Would you love to be in a relationship or marriage, but it just ain't happening for you? Do you wonder if the problem is something you're doing, as opposed to just lousy luck? Ever look back at your exes, and try to figure out what went wrong? If you'd love help deciphering what you might be doing to sabotage your romantic relationships (so you can get to that happily-ever-after you want), this is your lucky day. Tell us how long you've been single, how often you date, and how many significant relationships you've been in, and we might be able to help you see a pattern in the people you're picking!

When should you tell what about your sexual past?

We are so with you on this...talking about your romantic past with whoever is your romantic-present isn't our idea of fun, either. Might as well talk about how much we weigh or how well we're doing on our retirement savings, right? And when do you tell what, anyway? Have you not shared everything with your mate, and feel like you've kind of held back? Or do you feel like your partner is being vague, and you'd like more information about his or her sexual past? If you're unsure when to tell what about your romantic or sexual past, shoot us an email and tell us your story!

Kids not turning out the way you expected?

It's easy to say that kids will grow into their own identities, but when you've poured your heart into raising your kids a certain way, with certain values, and they reject what's important to you, it can be really hard. Have you raised your children to live a particular way, and now they're making other choices? Whether you're really into healthy eating and no TV, but your child now wants fast food and "Desperate Housewives," or you believe in financial security but your child insists that money isn't important, accepting your kid's new ideas can shake up a family. If your child is adopting values that are very different from the ones s/he was raised with, and you're having trouble adapting, we want to hear from you.

Torn between your mom and mom-in-law?

Are your mom and mother-in-law stressing you out? Maybe it's because you get along great with them both but they're each jealous of their relationship with you...or maybe you and your mom have always argued, and now your mom-in-law is on your case as well? Is your mom constantly on you about the way you raise your kids, wear your hair, or treat your husband, and now your mother-in-law wants to give her two cents...which is the exact opposite of what your mom says? Feel like it was bad enough when you weren't living up to your mom's standards, and now you're disappointing your mother-in-law as well? If your mom and your mother-in-law don't quite see eye to eye and you're stuck in the middle, we want to hear from you.

Do you have a friend - with benefits?

Do you have a friend of the opposite sex who is more than just a friend? You wouldn't exactly say you guys are dating, because you don't actually go on dates, and you wouldn't bring him home to meet mom and dad...but, you enjoy each other's company (even if it's in the wee hours of the night). Maybe there are no strings attached, and you wouldn't have it any other way...Or, maybe as time goes by, you're getting more and more emotionally attached, and it's getting complicated. If you have a friend with benefits, we want to hear from you!

Are you jealous of a sibling?

Do you have a brother or sister you feel you can't measure up to? Are there things about your sibling that just make you feel inadequate? Maybe your sister has always been "the pretty one," or your brother seems to succeed effortlessly in his career while you struggle. Or it might be as simple as always feeling like your sibling was the favorite child. Whether you've told your family, or always kept it a secret, if you're jealous of your brother or sister, email Rachael your story today.

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