Casting Vh1 Pilot - Win a Dream Job in the Fashion Industry!!

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Posted On:07/29/2007  
Closing On:08/26/2007
Company:Vh1 / North South Productions

Casting Call Information

City: Any City

State: CA

Casting all Real-life Ugly Betties

Do you often bowl people over with your winning attitude and big heart but get left out because of the way you look? Does your outward appearance not match your inner beauty? If you've always thought that the world of fashion is off-limits to you, but think that you might just have potential if someone gave you a chance, we are looking for you!

Do you Have Curves in All the Right Places??

Are you sick of the skinny girls always getting all the great clothes and attention? Do you know what all the trends are and want to wear them, but they are not in your size? Are you up on all the fashion magazines and need your time in the spotlight? If you've ever thought that the fashion industry needs to change the way it views curvy women, we're looking for you! If you want the opportunity to have your voice heard on a national level and live in the fashion world, fill out an application for a new series!

Casting Wing Girl Ready to Soar in the Fashion Industry

Have you always been "the friend" at the bar? Are you tired of being stuck in the shadows while all your friends are praised for their good looks? We are looking for the girl who grew up unnoticed and wants to start being recognized. If you have a passion to work in the fashion industry and you are looking for your big break, we want you.

Casting Brace Face Looking to be Embraced by the Fashion Industry

Do you feel you're constantly being overlooked because of your braces? Are they almost ready to come off and a full makeover would help you show off your new smile? We want to hear from you!

Brainiac Looking to Bring Sexy Back and Work in the Fashion Industry

Do people think of you as more of a brain' than a beauty'? Are you tired of being the overlooked smart girl and want to have an impressive look to match your intellect? If you have boundless potential and never thought you and the fashion industry would be a match we want to hear from you!

Casting Girl Who Has it All "but a dream job" in the Fashion Industry

Do you know you have what it takes: good looks, keen sense of style and a personality that draws everyone in? If you think you have style and that everyone else keeps getting it wrong let us know about it!

Casting Midwestern Girl Who Wants a Shot at a dream job in the Fashion Industry

Looking for the down to earth girl who made it out of her small town but now feels lost in Hollywood. If you are looking for help to reach your goals both career and fashion wise, we want to hear from you!

Casting All Goth Girls Who Know What it Takes to be in The Fashion Industry

Do people often assume you are on your way to a funeral, instead of a function? Do you think you have what it takes to compete in the stressful and demanding world of high fashion?

Casting all Girls That are Ready to Breakout of Their Shell

Have you always been overlooked because of your shy personality? Do you wish that you were more outgoing and confident? Do you have the could of, should of, would of, syndrome? WELL, NO MORE WAITING AROUND FOR THE NEXT OPPORTUNITY TO SHINE!

Casting all Tom Boys that Love the Fashion Industry

Have you always been just one of the guys, but are secretly wanting to show the girlier side of your personality? Do you buy Cosmo and Instyle, but do not look like any of the girls in the magazine? Did you just realize you have a passion for the fashion industry, but need a total makeover?

Now Casting for VH1 pilot. If you've always felt beautiful inside but feel you don't quite have the skills to showcase your fullest potential this show is for you. You must be fun, outgoing, and have lots of personality. We are searching for those who can be true to themselves but also excited about the opportunity to become something more than they are now. All candidates must be fully available August 23rd - 27th. You will be compensated for your time and eligible for a chance to win a dream job.

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