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Comments for video 'Grandma Montano Talks About the Weather'

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Tony said:

yup your silly, lol! suggestion; in future videos dress like a granma it will up the anty.... call radio stations and give granma's opinions on topics when they have call-ins. "Madea" was famous for that! good luck... vtd!

Posted 02/02/2010 12:58 pm

Victor said:

baaah ahhhhaaa you crazy beyacht!! laughed my ass off

Posted 10/06/2009 09:55 am

michael said:

You can start with the needles on your voodoo doll anytime...

Posted 10/06/2009 09:54 am

michael said:

Hey there, the video is good if your applying for a character or voice role for animation...maybe my taste is off, but it did not do it for me. The whole sideways angle bit made it uncomfortable to watch and did not provide any sense of who you are, how you move and it gives only one example of what you're capable of, but then I am no expert (as my video is a clear testament to that!) and no matter how great your video is, there will always be those that really love it and those that do not. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but you asked what I thought, so there it is. I say keep it up (both that clip and making others)...you still get my votes :) Oh, and if you ever want an honest opinion again feel free to ask or not.

Posted 10/06/2009 09:53 am

pamela said:

loved it!

Posted 10/06/2009 09:41 am

Brandy said:

Ha Ha! Loved it! That was one cool granny.

Posted 10/05/2009 04:03 pm

Michelle said:

LOL I finally figured it out and rated you 5 ⋆'s!

Posted 10/04/2009 08:20 pm

Holly said:

Great video it kinda reminds me of Hee-Haw or something.Cant quite put my finger on it.But thanks it was hillareouse:)

Posted 10/03/2009 08:31 pm

Chase said:

LOVE it Ivy! Its very funny ... If you can get me to laugh - it's gotta be good! And I LAUGHED ... funny character!

Posted 10/02/2009 06:23 pm

Debbie said:

This is so funny I don't mind the swearing. I would give it five stars

Posted 10/02/2009 06:19 pm

Lily said:

Very Funny, love it. :)

Posted 10/02/2009 06:18 pm

Lexe said:

Great video! :)

Posted 10/02/2009 01:05 pm

Tasha said:

Tooo COOoOL!!! No I don't mind the swearing. I pretty much talk the same way LOL. Nice job GRANNY...!

Posted 10/02/2009 11:45 am

Tonya said:

LOL LOVEEEEE it! You are too funny. I am sooooo adding it to FB.

Posted 10/02/2009 11:27 am

Annette said:

Hahahaha... OMG !! You are something else girl ROFLAO

Posted 10/02/2009 10:47 am

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