Female, 32, Albany NY


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Cindy said:

Thanks so much for the support

Posted 12/01/2008 01:36 pm

DAGA said:

turkeys gobble gobble got my grub on as well thanx as well

Posted 11/28/2008 03:41 am

Cindy said:

Hello Jamessha I just wanted to ask u to PLEASE vote for me thanks

Posted 11/26/2008 07:52 pm

Tina said:

"You just want to have your cake and eat it . . . you are exactly right, what good is a cake if you can't eat it?"....passing by with Wednesday's hello ...hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving & if your gonna be traveling have a safe one ;]

Posted 11/26/2008 10:45 am

Tina said:

"A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory."...Rolling in with Tuesday's hello...let me know when u find a casting & I'll vote 4 u ;]

Posted 11/25/2008 05:04 pm

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