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Tina said:

Christmas joke -> "What do you get when you cross a snowman with a shark?? Frostbite!!" ...Here w/ Saturday's vote #6 :}

Posted 12/20/2008 01:53 pm

Tina said:

Every new friend is a new door to a different world."...Tuesday's vote #5 4 u ;]

Posted 12/09/2008 05:50 pm

Tina said:

"Don't let people drive you crazy when you know it's in walking distance."...Time 4 Thursday's vote #4 :]

Posted 12/04/2008 05:35 pm

Tina said:

"Yesterday is history... Tomorrow is still a mystery... Today is truly a gift... That's why it's called the present."...dropping in with Friday's vote #3 ;]

Posted 11/28/2008 10:18 am

Tina said:

"You just want to have your cake and eat it . . . you are exactly right, what good is a cake if you can't eat it?"....passing by with Wednesday's votes #2 ...hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving Narce & if your gonna be traveling have a safe one ;]

Posted 11/26/2008 10:04 pm

Tina said:

"A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory."...Rolling in with Tuesday's votes #1 ;]

Posted 11/25/2008 03:29 pm

Tina said:

Funny thought for the day..."If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to serve as a horrible warning."...Wednesday's hello...let me know when u find a casting & I'll vote for u :}~

Posted 11/19/2008 08:50 pm

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