Female, 36, Greensboro NC


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Jim said:

stopping by to say hi

Posted 05/13/2009 10:29 pm

Christian said:

Please vote!

Posted 12/10/2008 10:34 am

Louis said:

stopping by

Posted 12/05/2008 08:52 am

Shavonnah said:


Posted 11/12/2008 11:46 pm

Laura said:

Could I get a vote?Thanks

Posted 11/09/2008 11:50 pm

Shaina said:

Hello! I hope all is well...I need your help. PLEASE vote for me for the "Housecat Housecall" show I applied for. My kitty,Charlie, is SOOOOO cool and needs to be on that show! Please VOTE and spread the word and tell all your friends to vote to! Check out his videos at: and Thanks A million!!!! Hugs, Shaina

Posted 11/09/2008 02:58 am

Rob said:


Posted 11/03/2008 11:53 pm

Laura said:

Let me know, I'll give u a vote

Posted 11/01/2008 08:39 pm

Nakia said:

*Looks around* Where are u?

Posted 10/31/2008 11:12 am

TIM said:

hi, g-boro

Posted 10/29/2008 10:03 pm

Rob said:

hit me wit vote

Posted 10/24/2008 11:46 pm

Louis said:

stopping by

Posted 10/23/2008 09:14 am

April said:

Hey guys sorry for da slacking i'm in school trying to finish my computer networking degree and homework is killing me... why can't we just read and take test lol any way i'm back with the

Posted 10/21/2008 12:43 pm

Rob said:

hit me

Posted 10/17/2008 11:08 pm

Sean said:

can you return the favor and vote for me?

Posted 10/13/2008 03:01 pm

Laura said:

Let me know when you need a vote!

Posted 10/13/2008 03:55 am

April said:

Happy Friday!

Posted 10/10/2008 10:28 am

Linda said:

Hi Khadija may I have a vote from you? I noticed you have not applied to any shows so I couldnt vote for you.

Posted 10/07/2008 01:25 pm

April said:

stopped by

Posted 10/06/2008 02:04 pm

Laura said:

Hi!! Let me know when you need votes!

Posted 10/04/2008 01:46 pm

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