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Amanda said:

Tried to casting calls! Have a great week!

Posted 02/13/2010 04:37 pm

Billy said:

Just checking in on ya! -Billy

Posted 05/01/2009 12:00 am

Jay said:

Just saying hello. Still stuck here in Colorado Springs trying to get well. JAY HERROD - YOUR WORLD FAMOUS CELEBRITY FRIEND.

Posted 03/31/2009 09:20 pm

Wagner said:

no applications?

Posted 03/25/2009 04:47 pm

Jessica said:

hey! today is the last day to vote for me for paris bff! please show love:)

Posted 02/22/2009 07:08 pm

Shaneequa said:

Hope your weekend was a good one. Please vote.

Posted 02/16/2009 05:21 pm

sheenah said:

hey whats up show me some love and vote for me for paris hilton new bff plz... love yah lotz... hope to hear from yahhhh ;-p

Posted 02/11/2009 02:51 am

Luther said:

tnx lynette.

Posted 02/05/2009 06:14 pm

Luther said:


Posted 02/04/2009 04:54 pm

Renee said:

Just stopped by to ask for your vote and support for a new casting. Thanks!

Posted 02/04/2009 12:46 pm

Shaneequa said:

Stopped by

Posted 02/01/2009 01:06 am

Shaneequa said:


Posted 01/27/2009 11:24 pm

Erika said:

Finally found a casting call that I am interested in. Could you vote for me? Thanks.

Posted 01/27/2009 09:46 pm

Shaneequa said:

Checking in

Posted 01/26/2009 10:16 pm

David said:

Dont need your votes today but please check out my new video " Blog #1 - Thank You!" and be sure to leave a comment!!

Posted 01/26/2009 02:15 pm

Erika said:

Wednesday's vote.

Posted 01/21/2009 09:40 pm

Renee said:

Voted on Wednesday! Good Luck and thanks for getting me back@

Posted 01/21/2009 11:28 am

Shermaine said:

votes in babe

Posted 01/20/2009 02:50 pm

Erika said:

Monday's vote.

Posted 01/20/2009 12:55 am

ROLAND said:


Posted 01/19/2009 08:28 pm

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