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Nacita said:

Good morning. Checking in this Monday morning. Hope all is going well. Have an awesome Monday!

Posted 12/13/2010 09:49 am

Malia said:

A new day offers new opportunities! Happy Monday!

Posted 12/13/2010 04:01 am

Nacita said:

Checking in. Have a great Sunday!

Posted 12/12/2010 02:36 pm

Malia said:

Someone asked me, "how do you keep motivated when things get tough?" I said, "When things are tough and you have NOTHING, the only thing I know how to do is to Work HARDER!" Follow me on twitter:!/MaliaYourTita

Posted 12/12/2010 11:56 am

Nacita said:

Have a great Saturday!

Posted 12/11/2010 11:08 am

Malia said:

Getting ready to go on air at 10am with the Little Grass Shack Radio Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. 91.5FM or Have a great weekend!

Posted 12/11/2010 10:41 am

Deborah said:

Moving forward there's something big about to happen and its GOOD. Thank all of you for the encouragement and love:)

Posted 12/07/2010 06:38 pm

Deborah said:

voting again been through some tough times but will get back on track all the best. ps could you say a little prayer for our family we need aplace to live and my husband needs employed Thanx:)

Posted 12/05/2010 06:24 pm

Rocco said:

If you're on facebook, please check out and "like" my page @

Posted 11/15/2010 10:21 am

Michelle said:

Sunday vote is in!! Enjoy your night :)

Posted 11/07/2010 04:55 pm

Michelle said:

Wednesday vote is in!!

Posted 11/03/2010 03:03 pm

Michelle said:

Hey! Monday vote is in!! Have a great day!

Posted 11/01/2010 08:14 am

Michelle said:

Hello! Saturday Vote is in!! :) Happy Halloween weekend!!

Posted 10/30/2010 09:48 am

Michelle said:

Hello! Wednesday votes are innn!

Posted 10/27/2010 11:31 am

Shatima said:

I just wanted to stop by and ask for your vote today please! Have a great day, and I will 4 sure vote 4 u!!! Thanks

Posted 10/22/2010 10:28 am

Martha said:

Voted - enjoy today.

Posted 10/08/2010 08:00 am

JessiV said:

votes are in my friend have a lovely weekend my friend, xoxo please come to my sites and become my fan to show your luv twitter /jessiv2006 facebook /jessiv2006 myspace /jessiv2006 thank you tu amiga Jessi V

Posted 10/02/2010 01:17 pm

Eleet said:


Posted 09/24/2010 01:41 am

Martha said:

Voted - have a great day

Posted 09/10/2010 09:00 am

Nicole said:

im in

Posted 09/08/2010 04:19 pm

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