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Jason said:

Please vote for my new show! Thanks for your support!

Posted 12/02/2008 01:49 pm

AhDana said:

hi pls vote:)

Posted 11/16/2008 06:41 pm

renae said:

hi laura-----special shout out 4 all our troops tnite--we love u--and thanks 4 protecting our country and our freedom----want u 2 have a very happy halloween--thanks 4 the votes ---also remember next tuesday is the day--we will have our next president on his way to washington on wednesday---VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA---we need a new direction to lead us into the next decade--mcain doesn't have a clue as to how to do that without making things worse than they already are---OBAMA is OUR best choice 4 A president that will lead with STRENGTH, DIGNITY and HONOR---your vote DOES count

Posted 10/31/2008 07:39 am

Jennifer said:

vtd thursday...can you send me one?

Posted 10/30/2008 08:49 pm

Jason said:

I applied to a new show! Please vote!

Posted 10/30/2008 02:18 pm

Jennifer said:

Hi! Voted for ya...Tuesday, can you send me a vote?

Posted 10/28/2008 11:52 pm

Nicolasson said:

I just make my vote counted fa u pleas return it

Posted 10/28/2008 05:24 pm

Portia said:


Posted 10/23/2008 06:28 pm

Kendee said:


Posted 10/22/2008 02:37 pm

MANNYjR said:


Posted 10/21/2008 04:06 pm

Patty said:

Hi! I might be out for awhile-in the process of moving. My votes are in for you today. I'll be back when the dust settles! Oh..and I got called for that marriage show-WooHoo! And weird, the politician show called, I emailed them my info, but haven't heard back since. Weird, b/c I think I've done a decent job at the Palin look. Oh well. C'ya soon! :)

Posted 10/18/2008 01:02 am

renae said:

you know i'm always sending the votes right back 2 ya-----and 4 all the undecided voters--do u really want mcain to handle ur family's money?--i'm sure he WILL be worse than his good buddy bush-think about it for that special tuesday---VOTE 4 BARACK OBAMA and PLEASE help stop this unjust OIL war---hemp oil will make our cars and trucks and vans run better---mcain needs to pay attention and help more to take care of all the babies and kids who need help in this country now---YOUR VOTE DOES COUNT

Posted 10/15/2008 11:57 pm

Jason said:

voted! thanks for your support!

Posted 10/13/2008 10:28 am

Latisha said:

voted for all!!! Sorry I have been away so long. Good luck, and thx for your support.

Posted 10/12/2008 06:17 pm

Patty said:

Hi Laura! Got all your votes in today. :) Get me back por favor? Gracias mi amigo!

Posted 10/10/2008 03:56 am

Jamie said:

231, 9

Posted 10/02/2008 01:40 pm

renae said:

what's happenin laura--my computer is finally fixed right and sendin the votes straight 2 u---thankx 4 all ur help and U ARE THE BEST

Posted 09/30/2008 02:37 am

Toby said:

monday vote, done!!

Posted 09/29/2008 06:13 pm

Travis said:

1up……Sorry for slackin. Been out of town. HOLD IT DOWN!!!

Posted 09/28/2008 03:08 am

Toby said:

voted 4 u saturday

Posted 09/27/2008 09:31 pm

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