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Dawn said:


Posted 05/06/2009 01:05 am

Jill said:

Hi 'voted! Check my new show:)

Posted 11/15/2008 04:17 pm

MANNYjR said:

voted return the favor

Posted 11/04/2008 09:02 pm

Kendee said:


Posted 10/22/2008 02:48 pm

Wagner said:

plus 3 your way :)

Posted 10/22/2008 11:25 am

MANNYjR said:

voted for all ur casting

Posted 10/19/2008 01:33 am

MANNYjR said:


Posted 10/17/2008 12:54 am

renae said:

you know i'm always sending the votes right back 2 ya-----and 4 all the undecided voters--do u really want mcain to handle ur family's money?--i'm sure he WILL be worse than his good buddy bush-think about it for that special tuesday---VOTE 4 BARACK OBAMA and PLEASE help stop this unjust OIL war---hemp oil will make our cars and trucks and vans run better---mcain needs to pay attention and help more to take care of all the babies and kids who need help in this country now---YOUR VOTE DOES COUNT

Posted 10/15/2008 11:51 pm

Jamie said:

3 votes in

Posted 10/02/2008 01:36 pm

renae said:

hi melissa--just got my computer fixed so u know i'm sendin the votes out 2 ya ---have a fantastic week and thankx 4 all ur support--YOU ROCK

Posted 09/30/2008 12:15 am

Akiba said:

....and AGAIN....voted for today! Always.....LUCK! Akiba

Posted 09/23/2008 09:03 pm

robert said:

9/11/2008. here again people. voteing again as always. all shows if you have more than one. and vote for show seven if i am enrolled in the same one.

Posted 09/11/2008 08:05 pm

Amanda said:

You got my votes for the day! Thanks for your support. *Amanda*

Posted 09/10/2008 11:35 pm

robert said:

just got on to give my votes.for all shows if more than one.

Posted 09/10/2008 06:13 pm

Akiba said:

Been away for couple days...but as usual....HERE are the HUMP DAY votes!

Posted 09/10/2008 04:17 pm

renae said:

hi melissa thanks 4 all ur help and let me know when u get on any shows 2 so i can watch ya cause u know i'll keep sendin the votes 2 make sure that happens cause ur so cool

Posted 09/09/2008 02:12 am

Amanda said:

Voted for you. Good luck!! *Amanda*

Posted 09/08/2008 08:49 pm

Michelle said:

Voted Melissa! GL, Shell

Posted 09/08/2008 11:39 am

Darrell said:

Voted for all..hit me back

Posted 09/06/2008 12:45 am

Amanda said:

Voted for ya! Have a great day. *Amanda*

Posted 09/05/2008 08:18 pm

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