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Sonja said:

NBC used me as their poster girl for a story on LinkedIn - Seems they plan to dump all sex workers - even if what they're doing is legal.

Posted 05/15/2013 10:53 am

Sonja said:

Busy being The Madam on the Menu at The Alien Cathouse in NV. You can see me live every Friday at 7PM Pacific time on – Watch for me on The Bill Cunningham Show on April 1st!

Posted 03/19/2013 10:21 am

Minerva said:

Hi Rebecca, thanks for adding me to your friends list! Hope to work with you soon :)

Posted 04/20/2012 11:48 am

Martha said:

Hi, I am going to be a guest speaker on the Paranormal Reverend Radio Show soon. Date to be announced. We'll talk about my law enforcement experience and how it helps with paranormal investigations, my latest book and who know what else! It's a new show from Rev. Mark Manly.

Posted 09/30/2011 10:27 am

Benjamin said:

Hello Rebecca, I put together a few clips I made while in Afghanistan and Iraq. It's posted to my profile under "addidtional media".

Posted 06/17/2011 02:56 pm

Tanya said:

Hi Rebecca, thanks for the friend ad. :) p.s. I sent an application for "The South Rocks!"

Posted 05/31/2011 06:48 pm

Sierra said:

Hi Rebecca, Thanks for the add! I just wanted to let you know that I have updated my profile; I didn't want to annoy any of the casting directors with re-applying! (:

Posted 05/10/2011 03:57 pm

Tami said:

Hi Rebecca, Thanks for the friend add on, nice to have you. ,orry I was gone scuba diving yesterday. Happy Cinco de mayo. :D

Posted 05/05/2011 04:33 pm

deyvis said:

what up hope all is good on ur side keep me in mind :)

Posted 02/21/2011 06:23 pm

Martha said:

Hi Rebecca, hope you have a great week!

Posted 01/17/2011 07:19 pm

Kali said:

Thanks for the add!

Posted 01/10/2011 05:52 pm

Jason said:

Your Hi-Tech Redneck is here to say hi on this warm and beautiful Saturday in Orlando!!

Posted 01/08/2011 04:04 pm

Martha said:

I hope all is well with you this weekend...

Posted 01/08/2011 10:36 am

Martha said:

Happy New Year Michelle.

Posted 01/02/2011 05:37 pm

Rosalia said:

Thank you for the friend invite! Have a Happy New Year :)

Posted 12/29/2010 08:58 pm

Jason said:

Heres another classic joke: A guide dog led his master across the road against a red light and the traffic came to a screeching halt. When he reached the other side, the blind man patted the guide dog on the head. "Why are you patting it?" asked a passer-by. "It almost got you killed!" "Actually," said the blind man, "I'm looking for its ass so I can give it a really good kick."

Posted 12/29/2010 06:04 pm

PattiCake said:


Posted 12/28/2010 11:00 am

Jason said:

A long married couple are discussing ways of economising. Husband says, "if you were any good in the kitchen we could get rid of the cook!" His wife replies, "if you were any good in bed, we could get rid of the chauffeur!" Have a wonderful evening!!

Posted 12/27/2010 06:52 pm

Brandee said:


Posted 12/26/2010 12:04 pm

Jason said:

Was away for a day but Im back. Missed everyone and now my joke of the day to hopefully put a smile on your face. An elderly couple decide to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary by reliving their honeymoon. They get a reservation for the honeymoon suite in the same hotel at the same resort. After waking the next morning to a room service breakfast they begin eating in the nude. The wife says "Oh Harold! This is just like fifty years ago! My breasts feel all warm and tingly!" To which he replies "Well, they ought to, Gladys... One is a hanging in your oatmeal, and the other is in your coffee!"

Posted 12/26/2010 10:25 am

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