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Jim said:

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. Enjoy your Saturday! Vote is in.

Posted 06/02/2012 08:35 am

Jim said:

Some people see the glass half full. Others see it half empty. I see a glass that's twice as big as it needs to be. Have a super Friday and great weekend! Your vote is in.

Posted 06/01/2012 08:59 am

Shonnah said:

I'm sorry I took a leave of absence for so long...been busy with my wedding coming up. Stopped in to show my support and vote for all my friends...Have a great one!

Posted 05/31/2012 09:59 pm

Martina said:

A fact of life: After Monday and Tuesday....even the calendar says W T F :) Votes are in.

Posted 05/31/2012 10:54 am

Jim said:

Cats will amusingly tolerate humans only until someone comes up with a can opener that can be operated with a paw. Enjoy your Wednesday! Vote is in.

Posted 05/30/2012 08:28 am

Jim said:

Trust in your own beliefs or succumb to the influence of others’. Have a great Tuesday!! Your vote is in.

Posted 05/29/2012 08:02 am

La'Najee said:

Votes are in! & have a great memorial day!!!

Posted 05/28/2012 11:17 pm

Jim said:

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. Have a great Sunday! Vote is in.

Posted 05/27/2012 08:14 am

Jon said:

I have been looking into another business lately, so I haven't been on here as much. I will try to vote for all the shows people sign up for. thank you for the votes and everything else. I just voted for you too. have a great day and a wonderful weekend!!

Posted 05/26/2012 05:16 pm

Jim said:

Be the kind of person that "Could charm a cat out of a mouse tree"! Enjoy you Saturday! Your vote is in.

Posted 05/26/2012 08:41 am

Martina said:

Fabulous Friday votes are in!

Posted 05/25/2012 12:37 pm

Jim said:

Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip. Have a Tactful Friday and long holiday weekend!!! Your vote is in.

Posted 05/25/2012 08:39 am

Jim said:

If you wake up tired, you’ve been chasing dreams. If you go to bed tired, your making your dreams happen. It's Thursday! Your vote is in.

Posted 05/24/2012 08:38 am

La'Najee said:

snack time is vote time & YOUR VOTES ARE IN!! lol

Posted 05/23/2012 03:10 pm

Jim said:

There is a thin line between the impossible and the possible - that is determination. Have a inspirational special Wednesday! Your vote is in.

Posted 05/23/2012 09:18 am

La'Najee said:

sorry im a few days late, job hunting. VOTES ARE IN!!!

Posted 05/22/2012 02:25 pm

Jim said:

I've learned .... That opportunities are never lost; someone will take the ones you miss. Have a outstanding Tuesday! Vote is in.

Posted 05/22/2012 08:30 am

Jim said:

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud!!! Have a great Monday and a super week! Vote is in.

Posted 05/21/2012 08:14 am

Jim said:

The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday. A Sunday thought! Vote is in.

Posted 05/20/2012 08:49 am

Jim said:

Change is not a four letter word...but often your reaction to it is! Have a great Saturday! Your vote is in.

Posted 05/19/2012 08:58 am

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