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Keith said:

Happy Monday, Wishing you a super week... The best, Keith

Posted 06/11/2012 07:46 am

JessiV said:

have a fun weekend I invite you to view my shows my fan page my friends list my & finally my thank you for the support and friendship xoxo;;o))

Posted 05/25/2012 07:30 pm

Keith said:

Wishing you the best. I have been working in two films, and was told that one I am in from a year or so, will be coming out on DVD soon. I really try to vote as often as I can, and very much appreciate your support. Weds.

Posted 02/01/2012 03:59 am

Keith said:

Happy weekend eve. . I hope your day is a super one...

Posted 01/20/2012 03:20 am

Keith said:

Happy New Year Daniel

Posted 01/01/2012 05:54 am

Keith said:

Tuesday AKA hump-day eve,V are in completion phase... All dear friends PLEASE be SAFE...

Posted 12/27/2011 05:52 am

Keith said:

Happy Friday, Have a super weekend. Thank you

Posted 08/26/2011 07:38 pm

Keith said:

Happy Sunday my friend. Have a super day... VAI

Posted 07/24/2011 09:42 am

Keith said:

Super Sat and weekend for you. And of course the best always :)

Posted 07/23/2011 05:23 am

Steve said:

Greetings Everyone after months of dealing with floods in my area things are starting to return to some form of normalcy for me so I AM BACK casting my daily super votes for you! I have missed everyone!

Posted 07/10/2011 01:23 pm

Keith said:

Wow My state is on fire and it's been as hot as 110 with 40 or so winds. Don't know what will be left if this keeps up... I hope your Fri.leads to a awesome weekend...

Posted 06/24/2011 06:56 am

Gina Marie said:

I just filmed a new TV Reality Show "Princess Perfect"! Thank you for all the votes! I'll keep you posted when it airs. Add me to Facebook for updates: check out my Princess Perfect video!

Posted 06/21/2011 07:55 pm

Keith said:

Happy Thursday my friend. I hope all is good. I got called for achieve your dream, and they put me on a show called "MAN UP" on a radio station in New york. last Sat. My first casting on R/W. The best always, Keith

Posted 06/16/2011 06:46 am

Keith said:

Wow Monday came quick. I got called for "Achive Your Dream" I am supposed to be interviewed on the Beth Weissenberger show in New York Today... Not sure how this will work but if your in N. Y. give a listen at 12:00 Eastern. Thanks, Keith

Posted 06/06/2011 07:57 am

Tami said:

Wednesday late night votes in.

Posted 05/18/2011 11:52 pm

Keith said:

Enjoy the begining of your week. Monday votes have been cast and the weather has been overcast. The best

Posted 05/16/2011 04:28 am

Tami said:

It's a rainy Sunday here in Petaluma and your dry good luck votes are in... Did Bikram yoga in a room heated to 108.. felt great while it rained on...

Posted 05/15/2011 04:38 pm

Jim said:

When I was born the doctor took one look at my face .... turned me over and said. Look ... twins! Thought I would send you a little humor this Sunday!

Posted 05/15/2011 08:47 am

Keith said:

Thanks for th support

Posted 05/15/2011 05:22 am

Keith said:

Thank you for all my friend

Posted 05/14/2011 04:30 am

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