Female, 41, jefferon hills PA


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Derek said:

“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.” Have a great Thursday

Posted 02/28/2013 07:37 pm

Derek said:

Happy Hump Day.

Posted 07/18/2012 02:52 pm

Derek said:

Good day friend.

Posted 07/17/2012 01:14 pm

Derek said:

Have a Great Monday.

Posted 07/16/2012 01:39 pm

Derek said:

Good Afternoon this hot Southern Cali Saturday.

Posted 07/14/2012 05:48 pm

Derek said:

Good morning. Happy Friday the 13th.

Posted 07/13/2012 12:37 pm

Derek said:

HAPPY 4th 0f JULY.

Posted 07/04/2012 08:13 pm

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