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Reggie said:

Howdy! Thanks for stopping by my page and I'm returning the favor. I'm so happy right now because the NCAA tournament for men's basketball is here..I LOVE MARCH MADNESS and my 30th birthday is on Sunday! I'm going to enjoy being in the 20s for a few more days. LOL.

Posted 03/16/2012 02:59 am

Keith said:

Hi, Back from shooting my role in The American Dream in Ca. Thank you for all of your support, as always :) I hope all is well for you!!!

Posted 03/12/2012 04:50 am

Keith said:

Happy Thursday Dante, I hope all is well and you keep smiling:)

Posted 02/16/2012 04:26 am

Keith said:

Wishing you the best. I have been working in two films, and was told that one I am in from a year or so, will be coming out on DVD soon. I really try to vote as often as I can, and very much appreciate your support. Weds

Posted 02/01/2012 05:22 am

Keith said:

Happy Friday, Have a super weekend. Thank you

Posted 08/27/2011 01:56 am

Keith said:

Checking in

Posted 06/24/2011 08:14 am

Keith said:

Hi I hope you are having a terrific Holiday weekend. SAT. vai Keith Lopez Please join in as a fan of a movie that I have been cast in. A like from you is a plus for the movie and shows some love for me. Thank you!!! Go to the site on Face-book click like and tell them your a friend/fan of mine please. Tragedy of a mother & son the movie

Posted 11/27/2010 03:58 am

Keith said:

Happy weekend I hope all is going good for you. The best always, Keith

Posted 11/07/2010 01:33 am

Keith said:

Happy Tuesday and I hope all is well...I need a favor please. If you haven't could you please go to www.facebook.com/pages/UnPhaZed./224892814610 like the page and write you are a fan of mine. I have already been cast but need some support from my RW friends... It will take less than a min. THANK YOU so much and the best always, Keith VAI

Posted 10/26/2010 06:32 am

Keith said:

It's Friday so just ease into the weekend and do me a favor. Go to this page http://www.facebook.com/pages/UnPhaZed/224892814610 Hit Like and say that I sent you and or say that your my fan. I will explain if you want. Anyway I have been casted in this and they are having one more audition Sat. afternoon if you are interested. Thank you and the best always, Keith

Posted 10/15/2010 06:13 am

Jay said:

Just stopping by. Running for president in 2012 which isn't easy. - YOUR WORLD FAMOUS CELEBRITY FIEND

Posted 08/30/2010 02:30 am

Keith said:

Hi No votes neded, I hope all is good

Posted 04/06/2010 06:46 pm

Erika said:


Posted 03/19/2010 07:14 pm

Michelle said:

wishing you the best

Posted 02/28/2010 12:36 am

Jay said:

Just saying hi.

Posted 02/13/2010 10:48 pm

Leeah said:


Posted 10/28/2009 10:34 pm

courtney said:

thanks for the request :)

Posted 10/21/2009 07:24 pm

chiquita said:


Posted 10/11/2009 05:01 pm

Leeah said:

vote for me, thanks

Posted 10/07/2009 02:25 pm

Alicia said:

Let me know when you find something so I can share some votes for ya:) xxoxo

Posted 10/04/2009 02:12 am

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