Female, 35, detroit MI


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TIANT said:


Posted 12/17/2009 03:03 pm

dawn said:

stopping by to say hi!

Posted 12/02/2009 06:22 pm

Angel said:

Thank you for all your vote love. Hope to vote for you soon. Have a great Wednesday!

Posted 12/02/2009 04:52 pm

dawn said:

thanks for your support!

Posted 12/01/2009 11:47 pm

dawn said:

Sorry I have been sick for a while but now I am back Baby!!! Thank you to all for voted for me while I was away!

Posted 11/30/2009 10:08 pm

Angel said:

Hey friend, hope is well. I was wondering if you could do me a favor. And vote for the first casting call atleast. In doing so you would be helping my mother. I would really be greatful. Thanks!!

Posted 11/21/2009 05:48 am

dawn said:

thanks for the add!

Posted 11/17/2009 10:15 pm

Erica said:

Hey, friend! Just saying hello! :)

Posted 08/11/2009 02:49 pm

Theory said:

I'm back from a exhausting weekend to cast my votes like i promised.

Posted 05/27/2009 03:33 pm

Theory said:

I wont be on for the weekend because I'll be spending my time on South Beach but as soon as i return my votes will continue. PEACE

Posted 05/22/2009 07:54 pm

Theory said:

Hey Sin :]

Posted 05/19/2009 10:07 pm

Theory said:

Yooooo!!!! just checking on ya Sin :]

Posted 05/18/2009 01:34 am

Theory said:

Theory checking in :]

Posted 05/13/2009 10:48 pm

Story said:

Thanks 4 the vote~

Posted 05/13/2009 09:28 am

Theory said:

whats good :]

Posted 05/12/2009 05:07 pm

Theory said:

what up Sin :]

Posted 05/11/2009 04:45 pm

Story said:

Thank you!!!

Posted 05/01/2009 04:53 pm

Michael said:

blessin ur page

Posted 05/01/2009 05:55 am

Michael said:


Posted 04/29/2009 09:34 pm

Story said:


Posted 04/29/2009 03:24 pm

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