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Male, 67, Monroe NY

About Me

Acting/Talent Experience:
I have had the lead in several plays off Broadway. I have been the co-host of a radio show. I have been on film as host for the adult documentary "Exxotica", Interviews with all the major adult stars in the adult industry. I am listed in IMDb under T. Vincent Flanagan. I have done show's for A&E TV Network, NBC Television Network, ID Discovery, The Food Channel, YAHOO Productions, CBS Television Network MTV/VH1 and a few Web Shows. I have also had a lead roll in the movie "Toy Soldiers".
Am I affiliated with unions?:
A major event in my life was:
I was at the Word Trade Center when it went down. I helped people as I am a Vol. EMT. I have seen a lot of awful things in my life as a detective, this is still on my mind to this day.
The accomplishment I am most proud of:
Being an EMT, and helping people.
An embarrassing story about me was:
At age 55 I had a Penile Implant. I was at a party one night a month after the operation when I crossed my legs sitting down. Because the bulb that pumps up the erection had not healed yet I pumped myself up by mistake. (I HAD A TENT IN MY PANTS, lol)Had to cross full room of people to get to bathroom to release it. Thus, I received Nickname "ROBO-CO*K" after the movie "ROBOCOP" by my wise ass police friends. It is still my nickname to this day THANKS GUYS!!!
My favorite Movie:
Shindlers List
My favorite TV Show:
All Law & Order shows
My best Physical Trait is:
Topics off limit to me at a party are:
None, I am open minded about all things.
Do I have tattoos or piercings:
Tattoo of small star on top of arm. New tattoo of angel on my right upper arm, done on television by Dirk Vermin one of the stars of "Bad Ink" when I was on A&Es; "Bad Ink".
The weirdest thing about me is:
EVERYTHING, I love to shock people. I love to hunt treasure on the mountain I live on, the problem is the mountain is full of Timber Rattlers, they are protected there by law. People think i'm crazy for doing that.
My friends would say my best qualities are:
My sense of humor, I love animals am big on saving them. I love working with people,
My friends would say my worst qualities are:
Not sure no one has ever said.
The personality traits I most like about myself are:
My crazy sense of humor my love for animals my love for helping people when I can.
The personality traits I like least about myself are:
None, I love myself I try my best to be a good person.
Miscellaneous Information:
I think all the above says it all in a nutshell. Meet me, and see what you think.