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A Reality Check With � Andy & Tessa (ABC's �The Bachelor�)

Posted on 05/23/2007

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Andy & Tessa, the happy couple, joined the media on a conference call this morning. I stole a few minutes with them & here's what they had to say: RC: Andy, what initially drew you to Tessa when you first met her? Andy: That corny muffin joke! She has an ease about her that is so elegant & real. She's true to herself. She's different than all the bachelorettes, she made me laugh til I got side stitches. It's rare to have someone like that! RC: Andy, what went through your mind when both girls said they loved you? Andy: I was stressed! I was really, really stressed. It's such a bizarre situation but one that becomes permissible given the format for the Bachelor. You can really develop strong feelings coming down to the end. You could see my emotions really show, I hated to break somebody's heart. The love I felt from Bevin was so powerful, she really loved me. I didn't feel the same necessarily back to her. Dealing with that was intense. I was falling in love with Tessa & once she gave that back to me, I knew I had to let Bevin down. RC: Tessa, Andy said that he prepared you for what you would see in the episodes. Did anything surprise you & what were you told about the finale? Tessa: Actually, I hadn't seen the finale yet! We were flying to NY. Andy prepared me in the sense that ... there's only so much you can say or do to prepare someone for this. Andy was there to remind me how much he loved & cared about me. RC: How do you guys keep romance alive? Tessa: Are you kidding? With Andy?! He is the most romantic person ever! You can catch up with Andy & all girls on tonight's Bachelor reunion on ABC at 8PM! For all things reality, check out http://www.RealityCheckByGina.com

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