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Jim said:

With the one year anniversary of the tragic events at our Embassy's I say on this Thursday: "If you are ashamed to stand by your colors, you had better seek another flag"! I hope the White House is listening! Your vote is in.

Posted 09/26/2013 05:33 am

Jim said:

A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts. Have a great Friday !!!! Your vote is in.

Posted 07/19/2013 07:58 am

Jim said:

Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to. Just something to think about on this Thursday! Your vote is in!

Posted 07/18/2013 08:12 am

Jim said:

Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not. Have a great Wednesday! Your vote is in!

Posted 07/17/2013 08:22 am

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