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Marital StatusIn a Relationship
Has ChildrenYes
Sexual orientationStraight
Current OccupationStand up comedian
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mikel said:

TGIF!! All votes are in for my friends. Good luck with all of your casting calls! Have a good day everyone! ~Mikel

Posted 10/17/2014 11:53 am

mikel said:

Hiya Jen! I hope all is well. All votes are in... enjoy your day! your friend ~ Mikel

Posted 10/15/2014 11:37 am

mikel said:

After a couple of days of bad weather I am now able to vote again.. Yeah! I have power and internet.. thank goodness! Enjoy your day! your friend ~Mikel

Posted 10/14/2014 11:40 am

mikel said:

It is a rainy and gloomy Monday here in the South, but on the bright side... all votes are in for my friends! Mikel

Posted 10/13/2014 10:46 am

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