Male, 46, Rancho Cucamonga CA



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Marital StatusSingle
Has ChildrenYes
Sexual orientationStraight
Current OccupationCorrectional Peace Officer

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Felicia said:

Yap, lol i totally hear ya hun!! This industry is a game and we just have to know how to play it right! They always say stuff like that BUT whatever just gotta keep on moving lol. It's the same for me, waiting to get the big one!! But your doing well hun =)

Posted 02/28/2008 03:49 pm

Felicia said:

LOL that was cute ;-) Thanks for the Comment! Best of luck to you as well, even though it seems as though you are already goin places haha! Take care and stay in touch! XOXO, FC*

Posted 02/27/2008 12:06 am

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