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Mary Ellen said:

Um, I've like only MOMENTS left so IF it'll let you, PLEASE cast me your vote again today!!!! *gulp & gulp again* Also, it's now that I want to express gratitude for your support through-out this casting call of mine. As promised, for those who faithfully remembered me, tis they I shall also remember. PLEASE LEAVE ME A COMMENT/EMAIL after voting today AND when you're taking-on new castings in the future ... see thatta way I'll receive an email alerting me that I've a friend in need so I can rush on over and vote for you asap - whatever the date! *hugs & lotsa luck* MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!!!!!! :-)

Posted 03/10/2009 11:09 am

Mary Ellen said:

Hey sweetie, I need HELP .. my call closes TOMORROW -- need your daily votes asap, plz! TY sooo much! Will check back in with you tomorrow! :) *hugs & marvelous Monday to you*

Posted 03/09/2009 10:08 am

Mary Ellen said:

Making my daily rounds as promised - I WILL be back tomorrow. TY for your vote today! :) *hugs m'dear*

Posted 03/06/2009 02:22 pm

Mary Ellen said:

TY for the add m'dear. I'm stopping by as promised. Will return tomorrow to see if you're taking-on votes. Please don't forget to throw your vote my way today. IF you post a call today, leave me a comment so I can vote before tomorrow! :) TY! *hugs*

Posted 03/05/2009 11:01 am

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