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Keyana said:

Im asking for you to return Vote for me!!! Thank you much!

Posted 06/11/2009 10:04 pm

sheenah said:

hey whats up show me some love and vote for me for paris hilton new bff love yah lotz and show some love

Posted 02/11/2009 02:43 am

Christian said:

Stopping by! :^]

Posted 02/04/2009 08:23 am

Zayra said:


Posted 02/01/2009 02:10 pm


thankz gurl

Posted 01/31/2009 01:24 pm

Kimberly said:

remember to vote for me everyday

Posted 01/13/2009 11:39 am

Tonya said:

Happy New Year!!!

Posted 01/05/2009 10:03 am

Christian said:

Have a Wonderful New Year!!! :]

Posted 12/31/2008 12:03 am

Aminata said:

For this Christmas I will send you a gift that money can’t buy. I wish you love, courage and strength, faith and wisdom and days of happiness and peace beneath the sun and lasting contentment through out 2009 in Jesus Name Amen! Merry Christmas to you and your entire family, may this day bring the divine power in your family in Jesus Amen. Cheers

Posted 12/23/2008 02:08 pm

Christian said:

Stopping by to say hi!

Posted 12/22/2008 11:59 pm

latoya said:

hello i went on the website and it jusst had the title no information wont pull up

Posted 12/21/2008 03:59 am

Eboni said:

Hey just stopping by see if you needed any votes :) Have a great Friday!

Posted 12/19/2008 12:40 pm

Jessica said:

can you please send me the info on the video modeling call please thanks fo the add!!!

Posted 12/18/2008 09:21 pm

Elli said:

Hey wzup!! jus showin some luv!

Posted 12/16/2008 03:22 pm

Marie said:

Hey you are getting some loving! How is it going? :)

Posted 12/14/2008 12:58 pm

sheenah said:

thanks for ur information!!!!!!!and stopping to say Hello!!! WISHING U CONTINUED SUCCESS AND IN 2009!!! Our best qualities as humans; love, compassion and sharing... Special hello to you; music is my live@@@@ and to all the one of this page that day to day fills of letters from your hearts and contain the emotions . Of the daily life!!! a big hug; life gives the happiness to all of you...tomorrow he is synonymous of hope...If the friendship did not exist ... life will be without sun on the dreams and ideals face their challenges pure faith, is fought to obtain them every day!!! THANKS FOR UR SUPPORT!!! Muahzz and God Bless Ur friend and artist from Miami SHEENAH MY MSN!!! MY YAHOO SINGH1256@YAHOO.COM "Inspiration" A Dream is the most important Thing you will ever have. Your dream is Your direction, Your motivation Your inspiration Great things Happen, To people who Make them happen When you have a dream You’re on a roll, Because you’re working Towards a goal Whatever you want to do Begin it now, Action has a Magic power

Posted 12/12/2008 09:11 pm

Marie said:

Just CHecking In! :)

Posted 12/12/2008 12:52 pm

Christian said:

Stopping by to say hi!

Posted 12/11/2008 10:16 pm

April said:


Posted 12/11/2008 03:16 pm

Tonya said:

Checking to see if you need votes!

Posted 12/10/2008 06:14 pm

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