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Jetta said:

Great Monday to you, I know I have been gone awhile, not doing any acting but might try to get back into it. Good to here from you. let me know if your or your father are ever in Calif, so you can visit.

Posted 09/24/2018 08:00 am

CHUCK said:

Hi Giovanni good to hear from you I don't get on here much.

Posted 09/23/2018 10:22 pm

Laura said:

hi there

Posted 09/22/2018 01:23 pm

Joey said:

Hey there! I'm back!!!

Posted 09/07/2018 11:38 pm

Sharria said:

Happy Monday!

Posted 08/27/2018 06:27 pm

Bruce said:

Have a great weekend my friend.

Posted 08/24/2018 08:12 pm

roxanne said:

hello there

Posted 08/20/2018 06:20 pm

roxanne said:


Posted 08/16/2018 08:16 pm

Michael said:

I hope you had a great weekend! God bless! Lawyer Mike

Posted 08/13/2018 10:40 am

roxanne said:

happy sunday

Posted 08/12/2018 07:50 pm

roxanne said:


Posted 08/04/2018 11:20 am

roxanne said:


Posted 07/28/2018 06:25 pm

Michael said:

Big GGGGGGGGGGGGG! I figured you already landed a show and retired...LOL. God bless you my dear friend! Lawyer Mike

Posted 07/26/2018 12:39 pm

Erika said:


Posted 07/26/2018 07:38 am

Bruce said:

Giovanni my friend. I thought you were in hiding or got a good gig. Its great to see your smiling face. Best of luck.

Posted 07/26/2018 12:40 am

Erika said:

Hope things are going well for you.

Posted 07/25/2018 10:31 am

Suzy said:

Hi Gio! It's so nice to hear from you, and see your pic again! Who knows, you may be thinking the same exact thing! Where has she been??? lol

Posted 07/24/2018 06:32 pm

Kimberli said:

Ahh Giovanni, how I have missed your sexy face!

Posted 07/24/2018 01:36 pm

Erika said:

Just stopping by to say hi.

Posted 07/24/2018 09:04 am

Brian said:

good to hear from you Giovanni, hope all is well

Posted 07/23/2018 07:24 pm

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