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Female, 41, trenton NJ


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roxanne said:

Happy new years to all my friends old and new and may your dream casting happen in 2016 its about time LOL

Posted 12/31/2015 01:42 am

Suzy said:

I go on YouTube just to watch a video and 5 hours later there I am, watching a tutorial on how to talk to a giraffe! lol. Enjoy your Sunday night! Votes are in. :)

Posted 12/27/2015 11:53 pm

Suzy said:

Don't get upset with people or situations. Both are powerless without your reaction. Have a great Monday! Votes are in. :)

Posted 12/07/2015 01:08 am

roxanne said:

Turkey gobble gobble votes in 4 u

Posted 11/26/2015 07:49 pm

Suzy said:

Tuesday votes are in! :)

Posted 11/10/2015 01:57 am

Suzy said:

Strength doesn't come from winning... strength comes from struggling. Have a sensational Saturday! Votes are in. :)

Posted 11/07/2015 05:30 pm

Jim said:

Have a great Saturday! Your vote is in!

Posted 11/07/2015 08:01 am

Teddy said:

Your new fan!

Posted 11/06/2015 08:35 pm

Joey said:


Posted 10/14/2015 09:55 am

Michael said:

Jessica is baaaack! Thursday votes in! Good luck and God Bless! Lawyer Mike

Posted 08/20/2015 10:13 am

Suzy said:

I figured out what Facebook really needs... An "eye roll" button! lol Have a magnificent Monday! Your vote is in. :)

Posted 07/13/2015 10:48 pm

Suzy said:

You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus... ~Mark Twain~ Have a fabulous Friday! Votes are in. :)

Posted 07/10/2015 07:45 pm

roxanne said:

Monday votes in added 72 new organ donors to the registry this weekend hollaaaaa

Posted 06/22/2015 07:14 pm

Michael said:

Wishing all those fathers out there (including single mother's who have had to be in a "father role") a wonderful Father's Day tomorrow! Your votes are in! Good luck and God Bless! Lawyer Mike

Posted 06/20/2015 04:31 pm

Suzy said:

I'm curious if Chinese tourists get mad when they buy a U.S. souvenir, then see it was made in China?? Have a great TGIF! Votes are in. :)

Posted 06/19/2015 09:39 pm

roxanne said:

throwing back those votes

Posted 06/11/2015 03:04 pm

Suzy said:

Parental Hint: To call a family meeting: Turn off the WiFi Router and wait in the room where it's located... Have a sensational Saturday! Votes are in. :)

Posted 06/06/2015 10:49 pm

roxanne said:

thank you all for your support & votes got the show I'm going to Fiji to get that $200,000 LOL …

Posted 06/02/2015 10:03 pm

roxanne said:

tgif votes in

Posted 05/29/2015 06:08 pm

Michael said:

Our buddy Jim did awesome last night in his new show! Tuesday votes in! Good luck and God Bless! Lawyer Mike

Posted 05/26/2015 03:10 pm

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