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Jessica said:

hey! last day for my casting, please stop by and vote!:)

Posted 03/15/2009 02:30 pm

Billy said:

Hope you get cast soon! To increase your chances checkout www.newyorkrealitytvschool.com -Billy

Posted 03/01/2009 05:13 pm

Byron said:

I won't tell if you won't lol love the pic had to comment

Posted 02/26/2009 12:37 pm

Jessica said:

hey! today is the last day to vote for me for paris bff! please show love:)

Posted 02/22/2009 06:51 pm

Billy said:

dropping by to say hi

Posted 02/18/2009 11:59 pm

Antwan said:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Posted 02/14/2009 11:27 pm

Billy said:

thanks for the add and Support!

Posted 02/13/2009 02:03 pm

Robin said:

Voted; please return the favor. Thsnx!

Posted 02/12/2009 09:29 pm

Byron said:

# 8 you have my vote love the pic beautiful

Posted 02/12/2009 12:40 pm

Antwan said:

Your support is *great* and greatly appreciated. Your lucky Thursday votes are in. Spread the wealth -- 1-Luv

Posted 02/12/2009 12:11 pm

Duane said:

VTD! Take care

Posted 02/11/2009 03:52 pm

Antwan said:

monday Monday MONDAY.... votes are in

Posted 02/09/2009 10:42 pm

Antwan said:

I have applied to a new casting call and could use your daily votes. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Posted 02/08/2009 03:16 pm

Antwan said:

Thanks for the add Kat!

Posted 02/08/2009 03:15 pm

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