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About Me

Acting/Talent Experience:
Although I have no formal acting experience, I do have a familiarity with stage presence and appearance, as well as public speaking.
Am I affiliated with unions?:
A major event in my life was:
I found out I was pregnant at the age of 14 and married my high school sweetheart at age 16. By the time I graduated high school, at the top of my class, I was pregnant with my second child. After 8 years of marriage and enduring emotional and physical abuse from my husband, we divorced. I met my second husband, lost a baby, gave birth to a baby, and after 14 years of marriage - he decided he no longer loved me. I met my third husband, also my next door neighbor, three years ago.
The accomplishment I am most proud of:
In spite of all the diversity I have overcome in my life, I have managed to create a wonderful, albeit chaotic life for myself.
An embarrassing story about me was:
I was pregnant in high school, before MTV made it cool- does it get more embarrassing than that???
My favorite Movie:
My favorite TV Show:
Friends and ALL things Reality
My best Physical Trait is:
My lips
Topics off limit to me at a party are:
I have no off limits topics, I am an open book and will talk about ANYTHING!
Do I have tattoos or piercings:
I have my ears and belly button pierced. I have a small wrist tattoo (words), a regretful 'tramp stamp', a self designed tattoo of a lotus and arrow with my children's birth months in Roman numerals down my spine, another regretful right back shoulder tattoo that is a small coverup of my first husband's name, a matching tattoo with my husband's ex wife on my right back shoulder of a saying I designed, and a matching tattoo with my husband below my left breast of birds and "At Last" in script.
The weirdest thing about me is:
I have a Blog and Podcast with my husband's ex-wife and we are literally together every single day. Not to mention, my first and second husband are my neighbors and live in the same neighborhood as I do. Also, my husband's ex-wife and my second husband's girlfriend are roommates that also are my neighbors and live in my community.
My friends would say my best qualities are:
They would say that I am kind, generous, giving, and loving.
My friends would say my worst qualities are:
I am too kind and forgiving, and if they were being honest - I am fiesty.
The personality traits I most like about myself are:
I love that I have a huge heart and am wiling to go above and beyond for anyone I love and care for. However, the trait I love most is that I will absolutely NEVER give up on something I really want.
The personality traits I like least about myself are:
The trait I like least about myself is that I am too hard on myself and lack the self-confidence I need.
Miscellaneous Information:
I have a website that details our story a bit more and there is also a link to my Podcast.