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Interview with Erika Landin from Big Brother 4 and Big Brother All Stars

Posted on 01/21/2008

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Today we had the opportunity to catch up with Erika Landin who was on CBS's Big Brother season 4 and Big Brother All-Stars to see what she's up to since the shows.

Jason, (RealityWanted.com): So what have you been up to since being on Big Brother?

Erika, (Big Brother): Well I was a Pilate's instructor before being on Big Brother 4 and after I got off the show I decided that I always enjoyed the entertainment business so chose to work in casting. When I first started I worked as a recruiter in the industry and then was promoted over the years to Senior Casting Producer.

Jason: So obviously you applied for Big Brother, got on the show and now you are in the casting field. What do you think separated you from other applicants during the casting process?

Erika, (Big Brother): I guess I understood the fact that they receive thousands of submissions and I needed to do something to make myself stand out. I am very opinionated so I showed my true personality. I suggest that applicants applying to shows just be themselves and let the casting director know why you are interesting and why they should pick you for their show.

Jason, (RealityWanted.com): There are a lot of parts to the casting process, the application, video, photos, etc is there something applicants should focus on?

Erika, (Big Brother): I recommend that you just be yourself. As casting directors we can see when someone is faking it. We just want someone dynamic enough that fits the character we are looking for. It's not a personal issue if you do not get chosen for the show, you might not be the right fit for that particular show. When filling out your application steer clear of one word answers, this is your time to explain to us who you are but don't write us a book either. A lot of people ask what they should do when it comes to putting their video together, a good point is to make sure it catches our attention during the first 10 seconds. We want to cast you in our shows, we want you to be great, just show us who you really are.

Jason, (RealityWanted.com): I have heard from some people it is better to attend an open casting call and meet with the casting director personally. What happens if someone can not attend an open call, does that hurt their chances?

Erika, (Big Brother): Not at all. Do what makes you comfortable. If you can attend an open call do it, otherwise send in a great tape, we look at all submissions.

Jason, (RealityWanted.com): So what are you currently casting?

Erika, (Big Brother): I am working on 3 great shows currently. They are brand new shows with a lot of great twists! Why Are You Single is a great new dating show unlike others you have seen before, And Who Are You Wearing features some great celebs! Also we are casting for favorite Mothers "NBC and the Today Show are Now Casting for America's favorite Mom in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Mother's Day!". We are looking for interesting people from all walks of life.

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