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Posted On:01/15/2019  
Closing On:02/14/2019

Casting Call Information

City: Any City

State: National

We are on the search for the next best EXTREME SURVIVAL EXPERT to be the star of their own show.

It’s not enough anymore for a survival expert to just impart basic survival knowledge on food, water and shelter – the Television audience has already seen too much of that. We want to find a survival expert with crazy NEW take-away information for the audience. We basically want to find the new version of Bear Grylls for today’s generation.

We are really looking for a survival expert with some out of the box ideas that most people don’t know like, in the absence of water, did you know you can chew rabbit eyeballs which have a high concentration of H20? Or maybe the survival expert is located in an extreme environment that presents new opportunities to present new kinds of information. We want to find someone that’s adventurous, articulate, knowledgeable and willing to get daring.

Please send us your name, age, city you live, contact info, picture and tell us a little about your survival expertise and why you think you would be perfect to have your own show about being an Extreme Survivalist.

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