Casting OUT OF CONTROL TEENAGERS for a New TV Show!!!

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Posted On:10/11/2011  
Closing On:10/11/2019
Company:Leopard Films USA

Casting Call Information

City: Any City

State: FL

We are casting OUT OF CONTROL TEENAGERS in the Tampa,
FL area for a new TV show.  If you are a parent of a teenager who can't
stop getting into trouble and you want help, write to us now!

Hanging out on the wrong side of the tracks, drinking, doing
drugs, partying all through the night, flunking out of school, getting into
fights, getting pregnant, and always being disrespectful, wild, and

We are looking for parents with such teenagers who are
desperate for help.  No matter what they
do, their teenagers never seem to listen... and now they're on the verge of

Before they go over the edge, these parents need some
professional help with their teens in to straighten them out and get them back
on the right track.

We are looking for parents with badly behaved teens in
the Tampa, FL area who want help getting them under control. 

This will be for a reality TV series hosted by 2 CELEBRITY "SUPERHEROES"!!!

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