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Ghost Hunters Season 6.1: “Phantoms of Jersey” - Episode 3 Recap

Posted on 03/24/2010 by Chad in Ghost Hunters

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Ghost Hunters

(Photo courtesy of SyFy) - Left to Right -   Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes.

Not pictured: Amy Bruni, Steve Gonsalves, Kris Williams and Dave Tango


Absecon Lighthouse - Atlantic City, New Jersey


Lighthouses seem to be the specialty of the Ghost Hunters team.  As viewers, we’ve enjoyed some pretty good shows around these ancient structures. Built in 1857 and the 3rd tallest lighthouse in the country, the Absecon arguably serves more as a museum then a functioning lighthouse, but don’t  tell that to the caretakers or the boat captains who still have dreams about coming into port on a foggy night after battling the deep and dark ocean.  In the lighthouse’s main building and lighthouse itself, footsteps and strange laughter and conversations have been heard, along with people smelling a scent of cigar or pipe smoke.   A few ghostly apparitions have also been seen by those working the lighthouse.

TAPS co-founders Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson started the investigation by climbing the dark stairway up to the top of the lighthouse and began trying to communicate with any spirits hanging around through an EVP session.   It wasn’t long before they believed to be hearing footsteps and some type of conversation going on.  As they climbed higher they believed that wind coming from an open window, as well as, a lose window sill could be causing noises that sound like footsteps or people having conversations….sorry kids, but a debunk has just occurred….or has it?


Dave Tango and Steve Gonsalves, fresh off their own Reality show called…..I have no idea because I never watched it, made their trek to the top of the lighthouse.   The wind was blowing pretty hard and they tried their best to run a EVP session and maybe even catch one of the ghosts that have been reported up in that area but no contact was made.


Britt Griffith, who now seems to be a permanent team member, worked with Amy Bruni trying to make contact in the main building and they seemed to get the same response Kris Williams received while investigating in that area…..nothing.   



Ghosts don’t come out on cue but I’m not sure if there any Ghosts in this lighthouse or at least not ones that liked to show off.  There just wasn’t any good evidence found even to mention so we move on.


Stephen Crane House - Asbury Park, New Jersey


Stephen Crane wrote the novel “The Red Badge of Honor” and thankfully I am not tasked with a book report because I never have read the book, although I’m sure I had to at one point.  Stephen lived in this house as a young child and Asbury Park and its’ current owner has decided to reach for a little fame by turning the house into a live/work museum and adding some reports of paranormal activity.   Multiple sightings of apparitions by visitors and the caretakers have been reported, along with a few items moving by themselves.  Due to the amount of ghostly sightings, TAPS felt pretty confident that their equipment would pick up something during the night.


Jason and Grant started the investigation using their full spectrum camera to highlight any abnormal bits of energy or light not visible to the naked eye, or fully clothed eye.  Almost immediately during their investigation a door slammed and they couldn’t debunk it.  It was the same door they just closed on their way into the room they were investigating.  Another item they checked on was one of the fire place tools, which has been said to just fall of it’s holder onto the ground, possible done by a passing ghost.  They believe the fire place shovel was pretty sturdy and would not just fall without somebody physically moving it.


Amy, Kris, and Brit were getting some interesting hits on their EMF detector as they were asking questions in one of the living rooms but could not seem to get any particular pattern to the activity.  There maybe some strange energy in the house causing people to feel creepy but what or where that energy is coming from could not be determined.


The team finished their investigating and since there were not a whole lot of personal experiences they hoped they caught some on their audio and video recorders.  Nothing to note came out of their video recordings but they did get a little something on one of their audio devices.   They seem to catch some voices in the background while they were talking that they did not here at the time.  TAPS was not going to call the house haunted but did feel there were was some paranormal activity.


Chad Alan

Story by: Chad Alan

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